More systems we work with

UV Oxidation System

Advanced Oxidation Process. Our UV oxidation technology breaks the contaminants primary structure. Applications include: COD reduction, EDTA destruction, VOC elimination, waste gas purification, cyanide treatment, nickel bath conditioning, electroless nickel plating, zinc nickel plating, oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons, NOx destruction, electroless copper, separated cell oxidation.

UV Disinfection System

Significantly more efficient and more effective than other UV technology available. Applications include: UV tank disinfection / Tank cleaning, UV disinfection of treated domestic sewage, industrial process disinfection.

EMEW Electrowinning Cell

Precious Metal Recovery: Unlike conventional electrowinning with EMEW® Electrowinning, the electrolyte is circulated rapidly past the anode and cathode at a higher flow rate, allowing for improvements in efficiency and the precious metal recovery / metal recovery. EMEW is used for precious metal recovery such as gold recovery, silver recovery, palladium recovery, rhodium recovery etc. It is also used for other metal recovery such as copper recovery etc.

VOC Elimination in Waste Gas

Waste Gas Purification: A wide variety of organics are accessible to UV oxidation / advanced oxidation processes like hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons and esters used as industrial cleaners. As nearly all chlorinated hydrocarbons are not biodegradable, UV oxidation is the most effective way to destroy such components.

Water Recycling System

Ion Exchange System

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