The UK’s most popular green technologies for the home

Solar Panels

When most people think of an eco friendly home, they imagine the exterior to be plastered all over the exterior walls, however there are other ways. Keep reading this page to find out what’s best for your property to make sure it’s as eco friendly as possible.

Save 80% on your heating bills with a solar water heater

Water heaters will use electricity to heat the water in your property for everything that’s needed, including showers and using the washing machine. Each time you use hot water, that means more money is going down the drain. Find out more.

You can invest your money in a solar hot water heater. This will use the sun’s energy to heat your home’s water in a number of ways:

  • Actually using the sun’s heat
  • Collecting energy with solar panels

The heated water will be stored in an insulated tank until you need it. By investing in a solar hot water heater, you could save up 80% on your water bills. Call 01227 772 546 to see if you’re eligible.

Opening rooflights with a U-Value of just 0.97 W/m2K

A lot of the time, heat is lost through poorly constructed windows and doors. This most often occurs in houses that have extensions and haven’t had proper windows/skylights fitted.

The best rooflights will have a low U-Value rating, therefore trapping heat inside your home, so you don’t have to spend as much energy on heating appliances.

Opening rooflights are a great option if you wish to have a warm house in the winter, but in the summer you want to have a connection to the outside. With a simple touch of a button, you can watch your rooflight open. However, this isn’t the greatest thing about this product.

The incredibly low U-Value rating is. A rating of 0.97 W/m2K means they are thermal efficient and environmentally friendly too. Call 020 8462 3557 today.